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Welcome to Kokorosa’s blog space! I will continue to you share some nice projects with you today to help you get more inspiration!

This project is created with Dandelion Border Dies. It’s a square with dandelion pattern frame die. The most part of this card I like is decoration. The lace pattern decorate the square frame perfectly. At the same time, the crafter add one beautiful mini butterfly to decorate dandelion. In general, this card looks comfortable and shows one of beautiful spring scene.

The next project is created with Lace Pattern Border Die, which is good for decorating the bore of cards. It also allow you to add one more layer on this border. The crafter choose flower pattern and heart element to finish this card. And the base layer is black paper. Does it look nice? Borders are widely used when crafter make cards. I suggest you can try more borders to when making cards. You just need to choose suitable elements. I believe you can create more nice projects.

This card is created with Hollow Flower Circle. If you have flowers cutting dies, you can use plants and animals dies to decorate your cards. The whole scene of this card is multiple, but various elements and multiple colors make this card look so great. If you want to create the similar cards, we offer leaves dies and animals dies. Take it away and create cards now!

Finally, we will need to use Flower Trolley Die. What scenes you can create with this trolley die? You can add cute animals, for example, cat to cards. You can also add some flowers or fruits to decorate this trolley. Since there is only one trolley pattern cutting die, you can create cards with some simple rectangle frame dies as the following picture shows.

If you have any questions about cutting dies, please feel free to contact with us by email. We will help you solve your problems as soon as possible. We also welcome everyone to share some nice projects with crafers.

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