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kokorosa is founded in 2019 and mainly focus on crafting products. We offer a large selection of cutting dies, stamps, and embossing folders and so on at a reasonable price. Inspiring crafters and unleashing their creativity is what we pursue.

The founder of Kokorosa is Ms. Rosa. She has always believed that craftsmanship can bring her a sense of peace and happiness. Rosa often said: "With the improvement of the world’s technology and living standards, people’s lives are becoming more and more hurried. Nowadays, everyone is always accustomed to those eye-catching things and those things that seem very convenient, I think many people have overlooked the way life should be, including myself, so I started trying to do handicraft a long time ago, and it made me start to pay attention to the original appearance of exquisite cards or handicrafts. Every time I complete a small work, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Sometimes the praise from friends and family makes me feel good for one whole day."

At the end of 2018, Rosa left the workplace due to health problems and started a six-month vacation. This health problem caused Rosa to suffer a lot. She said: "I was busy with work before, hoping that work can help me realize the value of life, but after I fell ill, I feel that my health and life are the most important."

Without a source of income, Rosa began to think about how she should arrange her life in the future. Her friend's e-commerce business is doing very well, which inspired her. Relying on previous work experience and the suggestions of friends, Rosa decided to create an e-commerce store, the products sold are the handmade crafts tools that she is good at. Soon, with the help of friends, Rosa began to prepare for various store operations. Kokorosa was born!

With excellent product quality and affordable product prices, Kokorosa's products quickly opened up the international market and received many praises. Rosa, who turned her hobby into a career, has met many good friends with similar interests, which makes her very happy. She said: "I hope that handcraft can enrich people's lives, let more people notice the appearance of things themselves, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment of creating a small thing."


We are committed to bring our customers the very latest and most creative products. We have very strict quality control of our products to ensure that our customers could receive unique high-quality products. At the same time, we have a very professional customer service team with more than 10 people to provide customers with after-sales service.

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