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      Embossing Folder



      Embossing is an essential technique in the paper crafting world. It adds texture and definition to your cards, scrapbook pages, and other projects. Many people also combine embossing with the use of ink, paint pens, and markers for more appealing effects.

      What is an embossing folder?

      An embossing folder is a metal or plastic tool that can be used to create a raised surface on paper or cardstock. It's often called an "embossing powder" because it contains powdered metal, but it's more like a stamp than a powder. The most common type of embossing folder features several dies cut into its surface, which are used to create different patterns and textures in your material as you press them down onto your project.

      The best part about using embossing folders? You don't have to worry about damaging your machine! Unlike other techniques for creating texture, such as rubbing sandpaper over the surface of your paper (which will eventually wear out the motor), this method doesn't put any strain on your machine at all--just place the tool onto whatever medium you want texturized and press down firmly until everything has been covered with impressions from all sides.

      How to use embossing folders

      Now that you have an embossing folder and a heat tool, it's time to start using them. To use an embossing folder for card embossing, follow these steps:

      Prepare your cardstock by cutting it down to size. If you want to make sure that all of your pieces are exactly the same size (which is what I recommend), use a ruler or other straight edge as a guide when cutting so that each piece will be identical in width and height.

      Place your prepared piece of cardstock inside the embossing folder with its non-embossed side facing up; then place another sheet of paper over top as well if there are multiple layers being used for this project (this will help protect both sides from getting damaged). You should now see two layers--one with designs printed on them and one plain sheet underneath--with nothing else showing through at this point since they're both covered by additional sheets! This is what makes these folders so versatile: they let us do double duty without having any extra supplies needed beyond just ourselves. After placing the paper and folder, all you need to do is roll it through the cutting machine to make the paper form a concave-convex effect.

      Different types of embossing folders

      There are many different types of embossing plates. Some have round corners, others have square corners, and some have oval corners. There are also scalloped edges and straight edges as well as zig-zag edges. You can also get folders with a variety of different textures, such as smooth or ridged. You can even find embossing folders that have a variety of patterns on them such as hearts, flowers, stars, and more! They are wonderful for embossing cards, DIY paper crafts, and making your projects look extra special.


      Embossing folders are a great way to add some flair and texture to your paper crafts. They can be used on any type of paper, but they look especially nice when paired with cardstock or other heavyweight materials. You can find embossing folders for cardmaking at most craft stores, as well as online retailers like us. We have been providing embossing folders of great quality and beautiful designs since 2019 and have received high praise from our customers. If you're interested in learning more about this technique or want some inspiration for projects involving embossing folders, check out our products here!

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