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      Border dies


      Border Dies

      A border is an ornamental design that frames or sets off the main subject in a piece of artwork. Border die cuts are an important element and decoration for cardmaking and scrapbooking.  Kokora's border metal cutting dies and border dies for card making are great for all your scrapbook border and card border needs. This border dies will give your cards some extra flare and make them stand out from the rest. We have all types of border die cuts; from scalloped edges to polka dots, stars, confetti circles die cut border trim, and even eucalyptus die-cut border trim. You can use these frames borders on anything from baby shower invitations to birthday party invitations.

      Border Metal Cutting Dies

      Metal cutting dies are perfect for any project that needs a little extra flair or detail such as scrapbook border design. You can use these metal cutting dies with paper, fabric, or even ribbon to create a beautiful craft border piece that will last forever! Our metal cutting dies come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs so you're sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly as border stencils for scrapbooking!

      Border Scrapbook

      The perfect scrapbook page comprises many different elements; photos, journaling, and embellishments are just a few examples! But what makes your scrapbook really stand out are the border frames! Borders add an element of style while also giving your pages a finished look! Our border scrapbooks include everything from simple borders like hearts and dots to more intricate designs like flowers and butterflies!  In addition to providing a decorative effect, borders are often used to help organize the information on a page. For example, you can use large scrapbook border templates around an entire page for an overall look that ties images together. Or you could use different-sized borders around each photo on the page for more variety.

      Borders can be used in conjunction with other elements such as titles and captions to create visual interest and add definition to your scrapbook pages.

      We carry many different types of scrapbook borders in our inventory. Some borders have already been cut out for you; others need to be trimmed down before being applied onto your pages by hand or machine with an adhesive runner or glue stick (which tends to leave residue behind).

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