Cutting Dies


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      Cutting dies

      What is die cutting 

      Cutting dies are used for the die-cutting process through which you can cut out shapes from paper or other materials. These shapes are called dies, and you can use them in many different ways. Our scrapbooking dies and cardmaking dies are great choices for making beautiful scrapbooks and cards. You can also use our metal cutting dies as stencils for painting or other crafts projects.

      Benefits of die cuts

      When you die cut, the edge of the die is razor sharp and cuts through both your cardstock and your paper simultaneously. What you will get is a shape with a clean edge that looks much more professional than something you would achieve by hand or even with most stamps.

      Die cutting is a great time saver because it can cut out shapes and intricate designs from cardstock or thin cardboard instantly. If you want to make your own cards, scrapbook pages, and other paper crafts but don't want to spend hours cutting out each shape by hand, cutting dies is the answer!

      Types of die cuts

      There are various kinds and themes of cutting dies on the market, including:

      -Animal die cuts (like birds and cats)

      -Holiday theme die cuts (like Halloween, Christmas, and Easter)

      -Occasion die cuts (like birthdays and weddings)

      -Border and frame cutting die.

      -Food dies(like chocolate and cookies)

      -Plant dies(like flowers and leaves)

      Basically, you can find any cutting die you want in our store.

      How to use dies for card making and die cuts for scrapbooking?

      The most common way to use paper cutting dies is by using a die-cutting machine. There are hand-powered versions and electric versions available on the market. You can choose the one that meets your needs. With a cutting machine, you can easily cut out the shapes you need for your project. To use metal dies for card making, you can simply place them in the die-cutting machine and run it through to cut out the desired shape. If you're using a manual die cutter, you'll need to use a cutting mat and then manually push down on the handle as you roll it along.

      Materials used for die cuts

      There are many different materials that you can use to create shapes and die cuts for card making. Cardstock is the most popular. Wood is also used for some projects but not as much. Because it's more expensive than other materials and requires more skill to work with. Foam is another option for creating your own custom shape if you have access to a foam cutter machine or know someone who does. Other materials include fabric, cardboard, and even paper clay!

      Die cutting vs. manual cutting

      Die cutting is highly efficient and can produce a large volume of identical and extremely intricate shapes quickly and accurately, adding a brilliant touch to your projects;  while manual cutting offers more flexibility and customization for smaller projects or applications that require specific, unique cuts. The choice between cutting dies and manual cutting depends on factors such as volume, complexity, and precision requirements.


      Using cutting dies to create beautiful shapes is a great way to make your cards and scrapbook pages look more professional. It's also quick and easy to do, so there's no reason not to give it a try!

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