How to make butterfly projects


There are various of animal cutting dies you can choose from kokorosa studio. Many fans’ favorites are birds and butterflies. I will show you some projects about butterflies today.

The first project is created with graceful 3D butterfly cutting die.

Step1:Cut out the butterfly pattern on black paper with the cutting machine.

Step2: Use the paper cutting machine to cut out extra paper.

Step3:Repeat the step1 on another cardstock paper. And we need to separate the wings of butterfly. Keep it and we will use it in the following step.

Step4: We need to adhere the twp paper together with liquid glue.

Step5:Cut out one white rectangle background and stick it with paper of step4.

Step6:Prepare one shiny paper and stick butterflies to the paper.

Step7:Use marker pen to make colorful effect.

Step8:Cut out the shape of the wings along the edges.

Step9:Lay out the butterfly to the finished one.

Step1:Cut out the butterfly shape with the cutting machine.

Step2:Get one paper and cut this paper according seto the edge of butterfly.

Step3:Adhere them together with liquid glue.

Step4: Use Die pick to help us fold the edge of paper。

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