Hi~Folks! I’m so glad that you are here today! It’s time to share something new with my friends. Let’s guess what I will show you today? This thing can be found in our daily life. The character of today’s blog is book. I love reading book and it has became one of essential things I need to do everyday! If you have the same hobby with me and want to add this element to our crafty projects. Don’t miss out this blog!

  1. Bookshelf Cutting Dies

This die is popular among our fans. We combined a potted flower and a globe with a set of books, and provide bookshelf scene, so you can get a great card with one cutting die. I’m going to share some key steps to let you know this die comprehensively.

Step1: Die out three books on shelf patterns.

Step2: Cut some parts of patterns and we can combine them again.

Step3: Coloring books, flowers and shelfs with marker pens.

Step4: Adhere three lines to one paper cardstock paper.

If you just want to get one shelf, you can design your as the following picture shows. The clean background match the colorful books. In addition, add some phrases to the blank space will be better.

  1. Solid Wood Bookcase and Books Cutting Dies

The cutting die set include bookcase and books put in different ways. You can get one solid bookcase if you get this dies. Showing different materials of elements is one of good ideas to change the designs of cards!

  1. Stacked Books Cutting Dies

We also provide single book pattern for you. Books can not only be put on bookshelfs. We often put them on our desk, chairs and even on the ground. Sometimes, your lovely pets may see theses books and they may be curious about your books. They may sit on your books and they may push your stacked books. The inspiration of the following cards are both from our daily life. If you have limited inspiration, you can think what interesting things happen in your life. Then use your card to show your life story.

  1. Books Background Board

I have recommended some books decorations to you. Now, I suggest you buying this book background board. This background will be suitable for creating cards sent to students, teachers and some researchers etc.

  1. Super valuable books bundle

It may difficult for you to choose which dies you should buy. We offer you a book themed bundle to help you make decisions quickly. And it is cheaper than buying these cutting dies separately!

Time is flying! Have you get some new ideas about your card making? I hope this blog have helped you in some degree. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us! At the same time, I wish to see more projects from you! Let’s enjoy good crafty time together!

Thanks for your reading! Wish you have a good day! See you next time. 


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