Angel Policy


Thank you very much for your willingness to learn about the work of kokorosastudio. This policy will apply to all products on the kokorosastudio website.

1.Regardless of your purpose, please do not do the following things.

① Please do not upload our trademarks, brand patterns and product display pictures on any social platforms without permission.

②Please do not copy or scan our product display pictures and trademarks.

③Please do not print, copy or scan our product display pictures to use in the production of any of your works (greeting cards & scrapbooks & decorations & others).

④ Please do not forward or upload our pictures and videos to any platform, software or website without permission.

⑤Please do not resell or resell our products without permission.

⑥ Please do not copy or scan the completed works of others.

 2.We support and encourage the following:

①Publish your original work made by our products on any platform.

②Publish pictures and videos about our products on any platform, and indicate the source of the products.

③After our approval, to sell our products.

④Making handmade crafts in large quantities through our products for gifting or selling, but if you are selling, please indicate the source. (For example: You can make works through the metal cutting die or stamps of our website, give them to your relatives and friends or sell them, as long as you can ensure that each product is completely handmade, rather than after you make one, mass production by copying, scanning, etc.)

Thank you for reading the above policy content. If you can comply with this policy, we will be grateful. If you have any questions, please contact customer, and we will communicate with you.