2023, New Year!

Hello, friends of kokorosa
It's 2023, the time to start a new year. I have put together some very interesting cutting die to show you. I've been thinking for a long time about what kind of cutting die can bring a new feeling to the new year. I finally decided to bring you some 3D cutting dies, usually, we use flat cutting dies or slightly three-dimensional cutting dies when we make cards, and today I bring you these four products, there are new products and old cutting dies, all of them can be used directly to make ornaments.

First I bring you a new cutting die, Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with 3D Flower Night Shade. this product is very cost-effective, because its cutting die is not very complicated, and all we need to do is to use this cutting die to cut multiple sheets of the same cardboard and put them together, and you can become a very ambient night light.

Then there is this Kokorosa Nativity 3D Metal Cutting Dies, which is a lampshade. But its shape is more retro, similar to outdoor lights. If you prefer this kind of cutting die with some religious beliefs and a sense of retro art, then you must try this one. Then this you must try.

The third one is Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with 3D Carousel, which is a carousel-shaped ornament. Everyone's biggest memory of the amusement park is the Ferris wheel and carousel. We use this one cutting die can pull all the adults back to their childhood. The joy of childhood is a lifetime will not forget the joy, let us cherish the heart of this beautiful it.

Last but not least, Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With 3D Carrot House was chosen as the last product of the day because of my thoughts. In the Chinese date algorithm, 2023 is the year of the rabbit. And carrots are the rabbit's favorite food. My wish is that all people born in the Year of the Rabbit, no matter where they are and how old they are, can have their own warm homes.

By the way, I need to say one more thing. Your craft box must be out of stock again. If you want to make more and more beautiful cards you need a more comprehensive kit. You can browse our website for the new arrival cutting dies or the best-selling cutting dies. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for on our website!

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You can also check out our videos. We hope you will enjoy our video page's many tutorials on making cutting dies. See you next time.

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