2023 Thoughts On Cutting Die

Today I would like to give you a summary of 2022. in the past year, there must be very many partners have joined our cutting die family. If you have time, you may want to write in the comment section below why you started trying to do cutting die. Let me tell you my own story.

I have always been a person who wants to express myself. But very often, words do not fully express what is in my mind and what I see in my eyes. Under such a premise, when I was a child, I devoted myself to writing, which can help me to express my feelings to a large extent. However, as long as the language is not completely accurate to express what I want to express. So I went to study painting.

The world of painting became complicated. I can try to draw what I see, which is called realism. I can also try to paint what I think of, which is called abstract. I don't even have to draw on a single piece of paper. I can paint in 3D and make three-dimensional art. Then gradually, when I had enough ability to express everything, I realized that expression is not just a meaningless outpouring of my thoughts. So I began to gradually converge, and at that time, I discovered the charm of cutting die.

Very often, what we think of as popular art is self-centered art, and the creators often perceive the world from their point of view when creating, and the proudest artists in the world have to admit this. However, the beauty of cutting die is that it is art created from the point of departure of the object you are making the card for. For example, if you want to draw, you may be able to do anything you want, but if you want to send a picture to a child, you have to guess what the child likes and what kind of layout can be more attractive to the child. This is the art of putting yourself in the shoes of others and thinking about them. As a martial arts master, if you can dominate the world, this is of course a very big thing, but if you can stand in the perspective of the weak to protect the world, this is far more important than making yourself famous in the world.

Having said all this, I hope that you can enjoy cutting die more in this form of handmade art, and I also hope that more and more people in the world can regain the kind of simplicity and innocence of the world in the past, the value of a beautifully crafted email to people is far less than a piece of paper that you have carefully prepared. Always remember, in front of the people who love you, the more expensive the gift becomes less valuable, the more heartfelt the gift even if it is simple, it is also priceless. Let's look forward to the new year together. I hope everyone in the new year can and cutting die, can and we kokorosa to build a deeper friendship. Let's get better and better together!

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