Bird On A Branch On A Street Corner

Hi Friends,

Today kokorosastudio blog would like to share with you the creative inspiration of the bird card.

My friend and I were dating last week. At that time, when the sun was setting, I looked up and saw a bird resting on a branch.

Through the gaps in the branches, I saw the sun, buildings, branches, and birds blend together perfectly. It was a very pleasant and beautiful picture.

This gave me a lot of inspiration, and I wanted to make this painting that was in my mind into a handmade card.

The mold I use is "Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Bird". This mold is very similar to the little bird I saw, so I chose it.

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Bird

I die-cut the birdie into a gleaming gold. Because I can't paint the sunlight on it.

Then I glued the bird's body on transparent tissue paper with craft glue.

I chose the shape of maple leaves for the branches, which have a stronger autumn atmosphere. And cut out the shape of maple branches with black and dark yellow handmade paper respectively.

For the entire background, I chose a gray background paper with a spire building. Next, glue the prepared maple tree branches onto the background paper.

The most critical step is to stick the bird model with sponge glue on the top of the branch, and let the bird stand on the branch. Paste a slogan in the upper right corner, and the entire project is complete.

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Bird

Of course, if you want to make it into a greeting card, you can also paste two more layers of handmade paper like I did, and then use photo guillotine cutting machine to cut it out.

Another work:

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Bird

Video of the production process:


Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Bird:

Kokorosa Simple Style Medium Manual Knurling Machine Die Cutting Machine:

Kokorosa Transparent Acrylic Cutting Mat Plate:

Kokorosa Paper Photo Guillotine Cutting Machine:

Kokorosa 15/25/50/110ml Craft Glue:

Kokorosa Double Sided Foam Adhesive Tape - 7 Feet:

Kokorosa 24PCS DIY Scrapbook & Cardmaking Old Time Background Paper:

Kokorosa 50 Sheets 200g A3 Color Printing Paper Diy Handmade Paper:



    which branch die did you use for this card

  • Joanne Wong

    Do you have a die for the leaves for this card with the bird? I ordered the bird and received that already, but I would like to get the die for the leaves.

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