Create Leisure Afternoon Tea Time with Cutting Dies

Hi there, this is Gloria. I’m so excited to be back here to show you stunning cutting dies again. There are amount of interesting and fabulous things to enjoy. Enjoying afternoon tea with my friends on weekends is one of the things that I want to do. Have you ever imagined that we create afternoon tea with cutting dies? I will give you some inspiration to you about the afternoon tea theme today. These projects are created by our fans who always have creative ideas.

Let’s start now! The first project is created by round lace border set and exquisite afternoon tea cup. You will get a set of vintage teacup and heart decorations if you have this cutting die set.

Fruit is one of the food that we can not miss when enjoying afternoon tea. To make the next project, we need to use Heart Shaped Strawberry Cutting Die. You can combine many elements with strawberry to your cards or gift boxes as the following picture shows. Strawberry is usually sweet, so you can match strawberry with some words which bring us warmth, such as “hug”, “sweet” and “hello”.

What other food you will choose if you have afternoon tea time? I believe that most of you will order dessert! If you want to add cake patterns onto your cards or scrapbooks, the afternoon tea cake cutting die will be a good choice. There are one teapot and four different kinds of mini cakes in this set. In addition, cupcakes are always popular during afternoon tea time. Cupcakes cutting dies set will satisfy your needs if you want to get many kinds of mini-cute cupcake patterns. We provide multiple cups, ice cream, and different decorations for you. You will love it!

We already have cake, teacup, teapot, fruit, and cake. We also need some drinks, for example, coffee and juice. The wine glass cutting die set is valuable because it includes all the elements we need. Ice and drinking straw are the essential element for creating a drinking scene. You can choose different colors to make various of drinking.

It’s time to say goodbye now! I hope all of you enjoy today’s leisure afternoon tea time. If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us or leave your email address in the comment zone. If you have some nice projects want to share with us, we are welcome you to email to us. You may get surprise rewards.

Thanks for your reading! Hope you have a good day!

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