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I’m so happy to see you again. Many fans share their wonderful projects with us, and I want to let more people who love crafts see these amazing projects. I will show you the different themes of projects with you in the future. I am going to share some projects related to flowers.

More and more people like potted plants or flower arrangements because flowers always let us feel comfortable and warm. If you are interested in flower, you will love the following projects. Cutting dies can be used to create different flowers. If you get the Two Bottles Flowers Sets Cutting Die. You can create these projects as the following picture shows. You will get some leaves,flowers and two bottles shaped dies if you get this set. These patterns can be used in two different ways. The first one is combining these elements to create a flower arrangement. Another one is use these elements separately. One of bottles can be used to create a canner. These flower patterns are enough to decorate one simple cove because you only need to get one suitable cardstock paper.

If you want to choose another bottles, you can try to get the Flower Set Cutting Die. You can get a bunch of flowers, one bottle and two rectangle dies. This project can be created as 3D effect. You can use different colors to get your wanted flowers projects and you can add some word with small rectangle dies.

The next one is Flower Gift Box Cutting Die. It can be created as potted flowers and a bag of flowers. You just need to choose suitable cardstock paper. If you do not how to decorate it, why not try to match it with one oval background, which creates a vintage effect. In addition, I really like the coloring of these projects. If you meet some problems when coloring your cards. These projects will increase your creativity.

There are hundreds of flower-themed elements you can choose from Kokorosa Studio. We provide different kinds of flowers, for example, sunflowers, rose, tulip, carnation etc. You can choose flowers according to your themes of cards. We also provide flowers elements with different shapes of cutting dies, including floral rectangle cutting dies, floral circle cutting dies, floral foldable dies. There are many floral backgrounds you can choose from in Kokorosa. The floral background will help you design your cards quickly. At the same time, floral borders are really suitable for decorating the edges of cards. Floral circle dies can be used to decorate different themes of cards, for example, the coming Easter Day or Birthday Celebration. If you want to know more about our items, you can enter into flower collection.

Today’s sharing is over now! Thanks for your reading! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by emailing. If you have some great projects want to share with crafters, you can also leave your comments on the below or send email to us. See you next time! Hope you have a good day!

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