Hello Everyone~

The cutting dies we talk about today is the beautiful 3D butterfly.

To make this project needs the "Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Graceful 3D Butterfly" mold.

The first step is to use the cutting machine and black handmade paper to die out the butterfly. Trimming the extra borders with the paper cutting machine.

After that, I prepare a colored paper with English words and die out the hollow butterfly.

I use craft glue to paste it behind the black butterfly.

Then, I cut a white rectangle paper as the background of the project.

The most important step is to paste a colorful butterfly on the glitter card paper. I draw the gradient effect with the marker pen.

Finally, I cut out the colorful butterfly and paste it above the black one. The whole project is almost completed.

Other works:

Video of the production process:


Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Graceful 3D Butterfly:

Kokorosa Die Cutting DIY Craft Cutting Machine:

Kokorosa 50 Sheets 200g A4 Color Painting Paper Diy Handmade Paper:

kokorosa Colorful Glitter Card Paper Handmade Paper Cardstock Paper:

Kokorosa 30 Colors Marker Pen with Storage Bag:

Kokorosa 24PCS 6" Rose Scrapbook & Cardmaking Paper:

Kokorosa Paper Photo Guillotine Cutting Machine:

Kokorosa 15/25/50/110ml Craft Glue:

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