Do you know about the history of scrapbooking?

Are you a scrapbooker, or are you planning on starting it? Then how much do you know about scrapbooking? Perhaps you already got some clue on how to make it and what you need. But I bet few of you know about the history behind it.

The first scrapbooks were made by Victorian ladies who had limited access to education and information. The women would collect newspaper clippings and cut out the articles they thought were important. They would then paste these clippings into scrapbooks so they would have easy access to them later.

Scrapbooking became more popular after World War II when soldiers returned home with their war medals and photos of their time in service. Many families saved these items from generation to generation as a way to document history. The trend continued through the 1950s as baby boomers grew up and started having children of their own.

In the 1960s, scrapbooking evolved further when people started creating books based on personal events rather than just family history or historical events. These books were called memory books because they were made for recording memories rather than just saving them for posterity's sake.

Today, scrapbooking is one of the most popular hobbies. In America, an estimated 15 million people are participating each year according to a survey commissioned by American Express Open Small Business Network.

Today's scrapbooks are made for several different reasons. Some people use them as a place to keep family photos. Others create them to preserve important documents like birth certificates or wedding invitations. Still, others use scrapbooks as a way to keep track of their children's activities or baby pictures.

Also, there are many styles of scrapbooking. You can choose from traditional, digital or hybrid styles of scrapbooking.

Traditional scrapbooking involves cutting out pictures and other memorabilia and placing them in a book with dates and captions about the photos. This type of scrapbooking is done with scissors, glue, and paper. You can find these supplies at our store.

Digital scrapbooking involves using computers to organize your photos, memorabilia, and journal entries into a digital format that can be printed out on paper or displayed on a computer screen. Digital scrapbooks allow you to customize your layouts using software programs designed specifically for this purpose.

Hybrid scrapbooks combine both traditional and digital techniques by using printouts from digital software programs as well as printed pages from traditional scrapbooking kits.

Although we now have so many choices for scrapbooking, traditional scrapbooking is still the most preferred choice by scrapbook lovers. After all, who can resist all the joy of creating a beautiful art piece from scratch and being able to hold it in your hand to flip the pages and go over all the good memories you treasure?

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