Guide for Improve Your Crafting Skills

Hi~ My crafter friends!

Everyone can create fun projects with kinds of cutting dies, but you will need more inspiration to help you when making projects. Today, I will show you a super interesting cutting die and it is easy to make projects. This cutting die can be created as a push-pull mechanism. If you want to create some surprises for your friends or family, it will be a good choice.

I created two themes of projects with this cutting die, including a wedding theme ana mermaid theme. To create the mechanism, we need to use the magical pull-push mechanism die. If you are interested in the die, follow me now. Let’s start the magical creating journey.

  • Choose two different cardstock paper

To create wedding theme cards, I choose romantic flowers patterned paper and one blue paper. The two colors look really clean and romantic.

  • Folding up the flower patterned paper with the tracks on the paper

  • Adhering the another paper to the above mentioned paper together with foam tape

  • Adding one couple under the umbrella pattern onto the card

If you want to express something. You can add phrase elements or writing something on the inner side of the card. Other people will see the phrase when pull the mechanism.

Next, I will introduce the Bottles of Beer Die. The reason I want to recommend to you is the wonderful laying out these cards. How to combine different colors in one card may be difficult for some crafters. In addition, how to create a background of cards is also an important step when making cards. If you meet the problems that I mentioned, the following skills may help you!

  • How to decide the theme of projects

I like drinking with my friends on leisure time, so I decide to create one theme about drinking time.

  • How to create the background of your cards

We can choose patterned paper as the main background, and also can choose embossed patterns on the paper. We can create more kinds of background if we choose the second way. I choose one brick patterned embossing folder and choose orange marker pens to colour it.

  • How to decorate your cards

The whole scene looks simple if we do not add some decorations. Borders can be a good decoration if you do not know what elements can add to the cards. I cut out the border with a paper cutting machine.

Then, adhering the border to the card. In addition, flower cutting dies and word dies are usually used as decorated dies.

  • How to colour your dies

The alcohol marker pen is the most widely used tool in crafting. However, how to make full use of markers will also need some skills. To colour the beer patterned die, I use a yellow pen firstly and then use a green one to cover the yellow. Next, use an orange pen to colour the edge of the bottle. We can draw some other elements with a fine tip pen.

Today’s sharing is over now! Thanks for your reading! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us. If you have some great projects want to share with crafters, you can also leave your comments on the below. See you next time! Hope you have a good day!

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