How to Use Fancy Border Dies

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There are some fabulous borders you will see in today’s blog. Borders are usually used to help crafters to decorate the edge of cards. I know some of you may not know how to make full use of borders. I will help you get more inspiration by showing you some nice projects. Let’s start now!

The first one is Hollow Floral Right-angle Decorative Board. This is a angle border, which are used to decorate angles of cards as the first picture shows. Cute Birds on branches combines floral angle is really nice. The design is simple but includes the main natural elements. Next, adding one phrase on the card. We can quickly make one card with the angle border. In addition, you can also cut out two angel borders, then put them to the top angle and bottom angle. Then, adding some leaves to the central place of cards. Finally, I finished it with one word die. If you want to create a nature themed cards. Get it now!

Another border I want to share with you is Stackable Rectangle Frame Border. I love this stackable border because there are different sizes of rectangle borders to be used different places of cards and the circle patterns on borders can help crafters better decorate the details parts. The cards look better after using the frame to decorate parts of edges. We suggest you can combine this border with floral borders. Do you like this project?

There are different shapes of borders you can choose from Kokorosa Studio. Wave borers are popular in this, like Flower Wave Border. We use this wave border to create a nice cover. The wave line can divide cover of cards into 2 parts, and two different colors will help us to get a colourful card. You can choose lace pattern and birds patterned background, and you can also use this border to create a winter snowy theme. The classical white and the dark blue creates a beautiful snowy night sky. I believe your family or friends will like it.

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  • Barbara Sacharoff

    I’m a scrapbooker and need rectangle frames for 4 × 6 or 6 × 4 photos. So the actual.frame would be 4.5 x6.5 for back of photo. All your dies are beautiful but strictly for card making.

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