Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Hello, crafty friends!

It is a lucky day for all of us! I wish you all the best during this year! We all know that green in the symbol of St. Patrick’s Day, so I will show you some awesome projects related to green colour.

Colouring cards or scrapbooks is an important step when making projects. Do you know how to use green element? I will show you some nice cards that included green elements!

Green can be related to fruits. The following avocado look so cute because we add some lively elements to this dies set, including lovely big eyes and one mini heart. If you want to get the same cards. You can buy Avocado Die right now. In addition, you can use this cutting die to make matryoshka doll if you do not like the avocado pattern.

Green is also the symbol of plants. We have seen a lot of leaves and flowers patterned cutting dies. Actually, cactus cutting die is also a good choice if you want to use some plant decorations when making cards. In addition, this cutting die is easy to use, you will not need too much other decorations, and you just need to add words elements onto the card. At the same time, the cactus border is very valuable because you will get 28% off discount now. Therefore, bring it away before it gone away!

Next, I am going to show you the popular four leaf clover cutting die. You will get two circles and some four-leaf clover. It’s one of favorite cutting die in Kokorosa studio because this project bring me fresh and comfortable feeling. We use these four-leaf clover and circle frames to create a lucky ring. And match it with one foldable background board. This project really fits for sending your best wishes to your friends and family. Also, you can choose one simple cardstock paper to math the clover. Adding one Scottish plaid background paper and “GOOD DAY” word pattern.

The next one I want to recommend for you is Diy Coins Cutting Die. You may be confused that how to use coins to decorate your cards. There are different signs of St. Patrick’s Day printed on these coins, including shamrock, beer, pipe, pot and hat. You can place these cutting dies in an orderly manner, and also place them randomly as the following picture shows. I believe get this cutting die and you will get a better Patrick’s day.

The above mentioned projects are all the things that I want to share with you today! Thanks for you patiently reading! Hope it will help you create more wonderful projects. If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact with us. If you have some good projects that you want to share with crafty friends, Please contact with us and you can also leave your comments on the below.

See you next week! Hope you have a happy St. Patrick’s Day and good weekends!

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