How to create an Easter Card

Hi~ Lovely Crafters

How time flies! We celebrated new year one month ago. What‘s the next important public holiday? I have seen some crafters prepare the cutting dies related to this holiday! Actually, we have uploaded one blog about bunny card making. If you missed the tutorial blog, do not worry abot it.

I will recommend another nice project of easter card, so it is a tutorial blog for all of you. Hope you like the easter words and bunny ears cutting dies. Let’s start now!

Do you want to get the same card? I am going to help you make this card with the “Easter” dies and cute ears of bunny today.

Firstly, you could use the cutting machine and white cardstock paper to die out the patterns of ears and words. And then using die pick to clean the two patterns.

After the above steps, we are now ready to colour our patterns. I choose the orange one. You can choose your liked colors. The colouring tool shown on this video is ink pad. I adhere pink ears to make this bunny more lively.

Next, you will need one wooden pattern paper if you want to have the same card with me. The wooden card represents nature, which matches animals well. In order to leave space to create bunny's face. I cut the paper with the cutting paper machine and use the liquid glue to create a new background.

Now, we need to create one cute face of bunny. The first elements we need to create are bunny’s eyes. I draw two eyes patterns and then adhering them to the wooden background board. The following we need to add is bunny’s pink nose, smiling mouth and long beard.

The next step is very important! Using the ink pad to colour the bunny’s cheek, which likes the using of blush when girls make up. Then, adhering ears now. Oh! Don’t forget cute bunny’s eyelashes.

What should we do in the following step? The wooden background looks a bit simple, so we stick the wooden background board to the orange background board to make the whole design more multiple. Well, we have created an easter card now.

To be honest, it's good for your family, friends. In addition, it is one of essential collections for poeple who love craft hobbies. Let's making easter cards together and if you want to share your projects with craft fans, you can leave your comments on the product’s page or the following.

Hope you enjoy reading the tutorial of easter card and see you tomorrow~

Best wishes

Here is the whole video of the creating process:

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