How to create projects with life dies


It’s time to show you some wonderful projects. The main projects that I recommend to you today are related to life elements. Let’s enjoy the creative crafting trip together!

Do you like drinking elements? The first project is created with Hot Drink Cup Cutting Die. You will get one cup and one cup sleeve in the set. Add different elements to your project to get your teacups with this cup of tea now. Another card is created with Party Soda Cutting Die. There are various drinking elements you can get in this dies set, including cups, orange slices, mint, and the “party” word. You can combine these elements and separately add them to other projects when you need them. At the same time, the crafter used one lace border to decorate this project, if you want to make your card looks better but you do know what elements you can add, border cutting dies will be a good choice! We offer hundreds of nice border cutting dies to crafters. Get it quickly and design a cup of summer cool drinking right now.

Next, this wonderful project is created with Ginkgo Leaf Cutting Die and Fence Cutting Die. You can get one watering pot and one ginkgo leaf cutting dies in the leaf die set. You can add some mini butterflies and daisy patterns to this card. The whole project looks like a beautiful garden. It can be used to create cards or scrapbooks.

Last project I want to show you is created with Honey Canned Cutting Die. There are various cutting dies you can see from this tag. Cute bees, blooming flowers and sentiment “Bee-Lieve in Yourself” elements are perfectly used in this project. The main color of this project is blue and yellow, which looks fresh and cute. If you like this project, shop the die now!

Well, I have introduced so many nice projects to you today. Have you get some inspiration from these projects?If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email or leave your questions and email address on the below, and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you want to share nice projects with us, you can also email to us and we may offer you surprising gifts.

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