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Before Valentine’s Day coming , I may show you more cutting dies about heart or love elements. The making tutorial I show you today is about the 3D heart. It can be made into a 3D greeting card.

The cutting die I use today is the “Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With 3D Hearts” mold. It has the symmetrical shape.

Before making the products, I use a cutting machine and red handmade paper to die out the heart. And I use the scissors to cut the heart down.

Firstly, I fold the heart to make it has a 3D effect. And then, I paste both hearts together with the craft glue.

The second step is to prepare a black paper with English word. I fold it in half and put the paper on the line of the cutting die.

And then I die the paper with the cutting machine. I cut the extra paper in the middle so that I can put the 3D heart into the hole.

Next, I use a brown card paper and fold it onto half. I stick two pieces of black paper in the middle of it. After that, I put the 3Dheart on the brown paper.

The basic part of the project is almost finished. Then I will use some small parts to decorate it. I stick a pink flower on the heart and put a couple character cutting die above it. Moreover, I use some fish scale paillette sequin to make the card more beautiful.

Other works:


Here are all the steps of the making tutorial and wish you can understand it. In the following parts, I will bring you some of the similar cutting dies about heart elements.

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Sweet Hearts

It’s the new cutting die released in this week. It’s the frame border with many little hollow sweet hearts. You can make it as the cover of the card and stick some word dies above. Perhaps you can make the hollow heart with other color of the handmade paper.

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Cute Overalls and Heart

It’s the combination of the heart and overalls. And it has some tools in the pocket. It implies that the role of a man in the life.

That’s the end of today’s sharing. Maybe you can try to make the project yourself and share it with me. Wish you have a nice day.

Video of the production process:


Kokorosa metal cutting dies with 3D Hearts:

Kokorosa Die Cutting DIY Craft Cutting Machine

Paper Collection:

Kokorosa Fish Scale Paillette Sequin For DIY Decoration:

Character Dies:

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