How To Make Foldable Footprint Cutting Die

Crafters~ How are you today?

I am so happy to see you again. There are many popular cutting dies you can get on Kokorosa online Studio. We will show different kinds of dies for you guys in the future. If you want to get more creative ideas for card making, please keep following us blogs.

Today’s main character of this blog is Kokorosa metal cutting dies with cute footprints border. Many crafters love to add cats patterns onto their cards. This cutting die is one of the most popular borders on January. Therefore, we can not wait to introduce the cute one to you. I will guide you to make this footprints cards step by step.If you have get this die, you can follow the following steps right now. If you still haven't get this lovely border, it is the best time to bring it away! I believe you will love it!

Let’s start the making class now!

The first step you need to do is get one light yellow cardstock paper, and then cutting parts of cardstock paper along the long edge of the die because the size of paper is larger than the cutting machine. The following step you need to do is cutting out the background for your cards with the convenient manual cutting machine.

Then, you will get the pattern after removing some excess paper manually. However, you do not need to remove the footprint parts. I will explain why I ask you follow this step.

In order to create pink footprints, you can stick to the footprint patterns with double tape together. Then, you can remove it.

Now, we should start to colour the footprints to make it become cute pink footprints. The colouring tool you can choose is water-based markers.

You can adhere the footprints to the hollow parts, and you will get the following one.

The main work we have finished and the next part is more about how to create this card.

You can prepare one cards with cats elements, like the following card we are showing to you. In addition,we add some cute bows and blue crowns to decorate the group of cats. All right, the card looks more lovely now. Let’s start to adhere it to the foldable background board.

Finally, we can use some shining stickers to decorate this card. There are various kinds of decorations you can choose to make your projects better. If you can use these decorations by yourself, I believe you will create amazing projects.

All the above thing is what I want to share with you guys. If you have any questions, you can leave your comments. If you have some good ideas,you can share with us! Hope you enjoy reading this blog. Have a nice day!

Here is the whole tutorial guide

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