How to use heart background bords

There are various of cutting dies you can choose from kokorosa studio. Background Bord Dies with hollow line element and hearts are very popular among our fans. Background board can be easily used when making cards. I will recommend some newest popular cutting dies to you in order to help you create more wonderful projects. At the same time, I am going to share some detailed steps to help you. Let’s start now!

The Heart and Hollow Line Background Board is the hottest dies on April. The heart and line are the main elements of this background board. There are some small separate dies included in this set. You can make full use of these separate dies if you have some extra cardstock paper. Let me show you how to use this background board to make one nice card.

Step1: Cut out shapes with the cutting machine. And you will get one frame as the following picture shows.

Step2: Adhere the frame to one white cardstock paper with liquid glue and cut out the extra paper with the cutting paper machine.

Step3:Preparing different patterns of cardstock paper. Then put each separated die on different paper to get different shapes of patterns.

Step4: Stick the paper to the hollow zone.

Another one I will share with you is the Lovely Heart Background Board. This background cutting die is one of the most popular items on kokorosa studio. I think the main reason that crafters like it is that this background is easy to use and the cute hearts patterns. Let me show you how to use this cutting die to create one wonderful card now!

Step1: Use the cutting machine to cut out the heart background quickly.

Step2:Choose one piece of your favorite cardstock paper. Then adhere the heart frame to this paper with double adhesive tape. In addition, we need to use the paper cutting machine to cut out the extra paper.

Step3:Adhere this paper to another white cardstock paper with liquid glue.

Step4:Add some phrase elements onto card finally.

I have tell you some steps of the two background boards. If you are beginners, I believe you can crate nice projects easily. Hope all of you will like the two cutting dies I recommend today. If you have any questions, please fee free to contact with us by email. You can also leave your problems and your email address, then we will contact you. If you have some nice projects that you want to share with us. You can also email to us. You may get some surprising gifts!

Thanks for your reading! Wish you have a great day! See you~

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