Welcome to Kokorosa studio and it's Gloria here with you today. I bring a lot of fabulous projects to you guys! I will always be excited when receiving so many beautiful cards from crafters. It’s like an art exhibition because you can see different designs from their projects. You can create endless possibilities on your cards if you have endless inspiration. Don’t panic about what you can create when you have different cutting dies. Gloria will help you to get creative inspiration by sharing the amazing projects with you!

Animal cutting dies are always popular among craters. Cute animals can be one highlight on your projects. How to use animals create one card? If you do not know what you can combine animals together. This project may let you have some inspiration. This card is created with Koala Holding Balloon Die. Ballons always floating in the air. It’s a good idea that making one cute kola holding balloons in the air scene for cards. The clouds background can help us create the scene of sky. Then adding some words on these clouds. This project is easy to be created because we only need to get clouds and kola dies.

The second project is crated with Watering Pot and Ginkgo Leaf. You will get leaves and one pot in this die set. You can die out these leaves many times and clour these leaves with different colors. In addition, the crafter used different colors of card stock to create a colorful visual. Therefore, putting some colors of layers is a good way to improve the visual effect of projects.

The next nice project that I want show you is because of the beautiful borders. This is a stackable rectangle border, so you can choose different sizes of borders to decorate cards. And these borders can be used to decorate various styles of projects. If you want to get multiple designs of cards. This dies set are deserve to get!

The final card is suitable for giving to men. It can be given to your male college, dad, or grandpa. It is a gentleman suit dies set, including one suit, one watch, one glass, and one shoe, etc. We can choose elements that we liked. The music background math dies perfectly.

If you questions about cutting dies, please feel free to contact us by email. If you have some suggestions or share projects with us. You can also leave your comments on the below or email to us. We will contact you quickly.

Hope this blog will help you create more nice cards. Wish you have a wonderful day.

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