Improve Skills: How to make a brunch of flowers project

Hello~Crafty friends

It’s time to share some of our good projects with you! I hope that you can pick up your needed items after reading my daily blog. Our aim is helping you enjoy the interesting crafting journey! The theme of today’s blog is flower. We usually send flowers to friends or family members on some meaningful day. I will show you how to use single flower cutting die to create a bunch of flowers.

The first project is created with the Daisy Flowers and Birds Die. We added four layers to create the background of this card. I suggest that you can also choose PVC paper as the top layer, which can create different effects. Since the pattern of this cutting die is a bunch of daisy, we don’t need to die cut the same dies for several times. We just need to add one decoration to the card. We tied a bow with twine and adhere it to the root of daisy, which looks like a bunch of daisy. In addition, the feature of this dies set is including birds patterns. They can be used to decorate the cards perfectly.

The second project is created with the Orchid Cutting Die. Even though there is only one orchid die, we still can make a brunch of orchid. The way to make a brunch of orchid is die out the same patter for several times. We need to trimmed the excess part and adhere them together. What’s more, we often used different twines as the decoration. The purple orchid matched the music note on old paper background perfectly. Do you like the elegant card?

The third project is created with the Leaves Cutting Die. There are two different leaves included this set. We can use one kind of leaves to create one bottled plants as the following picture shows. We adhered one flower bottle to the card firstly and then adhered leaves to the background. We use different colors to color the leaves, which let this card look more creative. The making process seems like the process of flower arrangement. If you want to create one creative bottle of flowers. You can try it!

The last project is created with Joint Cherry Blossoms Die. The reason why I recommend to you is its designing. We will get some flowers and leaves patterns. We combined the flowers and leaves together. You can put these elements on the central place or put them on the place of angle. Therefore, there are different ways to make full the use of these flowers and leaves.

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