Inspiration: Winter themed projects

Hello~Crafty Friends

October has arrived and we are close to winter! We received a lot of projects about winter in September, so I cannot wait to share them with you today! Guys, it’s the best time to prepare cards for the coming Christmas to hug a new year! I hope these fancy projects inspire your creativity. Let’s start our crafty journey now!

The first project is created with Christmas Happy Gifts Train Die. There are two patterns included this set. The classical gingerbread man and cute trains are essential decorations when making Christmas themed cards. The crafter chose blue as the background and added snowflakes to the this card to create one winter scene. Even though red and green are the main colors that we usually used on Christmas projects, the pink and light green looks more lovely.

Christmas garlands are one of common decorations that we will need on some festivals We can also create one garland on the cards. If you want to get same one, you need to have the Rattan Woven Wreath Cutting Die and the 6pcs Leaves Cutting Dies. There are some suggestions I will give you when sharing this card to help you learn more from projects! Firstly, using different yellow leaves to decorated the wreath which made it looks more colourful. In addition, creating nice backgrounds for one card is one of important steps. We can see that the main elements of the two layers are plants which are consistent with the leaves, so this card looks colourful and comfortable. What’s more, word decorations will be a good choice!

The next project is snow themed. Snow pattern will be the essential elements when creating winter themed cards. The crafter used the snowflake decoration created the card. You will get two different snowflake patterns and two different borders. You can quickly create one card one card with the cutting die. We can see that the crafter did not add other elements on the card. Choosing correct background paper will help us create one nice card quickly. If you want to crate one Christmas card, select one Christmas paper is enough.

The final project is created with wool Hat and Scarf Cutting die. Snowman is popular on winter. If you want to make your snowman looks more lively, this cutting die is suitable for your snowman! The pink paper with snowflakes give us a sense of warm feeling.

Well, that’s all I want to share with you today! If you have some problems with these projects, you could contact us by email! We will help you solve it as soon as possible. Welcome more friends share projects with us!

Thanks for your reading today! See you soon. Wish you have a good time!


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