Introduction: Extremely Good-looking Wax Seal

Hello, Kokorosa's friends!

The end of the year is approaching, and our website has launched a new product peripheral program to welcome the New Year. The first of these products is the wax seal. In the last blog, I introduced how to use the Wax Seal, and in this blog, I'm going to introduce you to the new products we've added to our website, so you can see what they look like.

First of all, I bring you a collection of two bronze seals. One is Kokorosa Blessing Words Vintage Rosewood Wax Seal, and the other is Kokorosa Retro Pattern Vintage Rosewood Wax Seal. the main difference between them is that one has all the brass stamps with blessing words on it, while the other has all the patterns on it. This choice is left to you who read my blog. I prefer the copper head cover with the blessing on it because then we can engrave our blessing on our wax seal so that people who receive such a letter or receive a similar card can directly know our feelings.

Then I would like to bring you two sets. One is the Kokorosa Retro Wax Seal Fire Paint Wax Grains Set, and the other is Kokorosa "Macaron" Vintage Rosewood Wax Seal Kit. one is a cute painting style, and the other is that mature retro feeling.

Let's talk about the cute one first. This one contains five brass caps and a handle. The color scheme of the handle of this product is the color scheme of a macaroon, so the color scheme is very young. The second vintage model contains a spoon, two brass caps, and two bottles of wax grains. The handle of this one is inlaid with very luxurious gems, each of which can show the aristocratic style. So, if you are reading my blog, do you know what to choose?

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Alternatively, here is our youtube page:

You can also check out our videos. We hope you will enjoy our video page's many tutorials on making cutting dies. See you next time!

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