Inviting You to Share a Pizza Feast

Hi friends,

Today kokorosastudio would like to invite everyone to share a pizza feast.

This time I chose the "Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Pizza" mold.

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Pizza

The main part of the pizza needs to use thick handmade paper, so as to make the whole project have a three-dimensional effect.

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Pizza

First, use a fan-shaped mold to cut out three bread parts of different colors. The dark yellow model is at the bottom, and then use double-sided tape to paste the red gradient handmade paper on the yellow model. The last layer of yellow handmade paper with patterns needs to be cut into wave shapes before pasting. In this way, the whole project is more beautiful.

Use a marker to draw some small dots on the yellow patterned handmade paper to represent sesame.

I want to put ham and mushrooms on this pizza. So I used dark red handmade paper and yellow handmade paper to cut out the ham and mushrooms. In order to match the colors better, I also prepared green peppers and black onion rings.

You can describe these ingredients as you like. Then use glue to paste these ingredients on the fan-shaped model in turn.

I prepared a blue background for this flaming pizza. Red and blue form a great visual impact.

In the lower right corner of the card, I used glue to paste a few white pearls for decoration. Then paste a decorative slogan on the upper right corner and the whole project is complete.

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Pizza

Video of the production process:


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