Hello Everyone~

I have released several collections about our cutting die. I don’t sure whether you can get some of the cutting dies that you are favored.

Obviously we will come to the end of January. In today’s blog, I will bring you the new arrivals released in January. I may also provide a simple making tutorial about parts of the cutting dies.

This is the flower bush-shaped cutting dies. If you, what would you do with it? I might use some circle stickers and nail sequins to decorate it. I use a purple ink painting paper as the background of the project. I put the flower bush and some nail sequin on it. And then sticking a lucency plastic paper above the paper. Finally, I paste the colorful bead in the middle of the flower as the pistil.

And I may recommend another similar cutting die for you. It’s “Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Hollow Sweet Heart”. It has something different about the making tutorial. You need to use an embossing folder and ink pad to make the cover of the project. Ink pad can dye the figure of the paper clearly.

This cutting die can be used as your bookmarks. We release a style of bookmark taht has a hollow heart or love word. You can make it in different color and attach a string at the top of the bookmark. Or you can string them together as the cover of the greeting card, like the flag.

As the following picture shows, you can see the sample project we bring to you. It’s a flower trolley cutting die so that you can put some dried flowers as the decoration. I use the marker pen to color the roof of the trolley. One of the important steps is to use the ink pad to dye the trolley and use the scissors to make the edge look rough.

This cutting die has a little gimmick about its border. You can rotate it by the use of a nail. Of course, you can put some different stickers on the rotating disk of the project.

That’s the end of the products I will share with you. Just find the one you like and follow me to make more wonderful cutting dies. Wish you can like it and have a nice day.

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