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Hi~ Kokorosa Fans!

I’m so happy to meet you again! Today’s blog is mainly focused on Kokorosa’s latest cutting dies. There are two projects that I will show you, and guide you to create cards step by step. Let’s start now!

The first cutting die I need to use is Square Geometry Border. Frame dies are really essential because they can help you design cards by some simple lines. I get inspiration from the window of the church. This square cutting die looks like a window, so we can create these projects according to the window of the church.

  • Step1:We need to use one rectangle die to cut out a rectangle background.

  • Step2:Put the square cutting die with the rectangle background together. And use a cutting machine to cut out the square geometric border.

  • Step4:Clour the brick pattern with the ink pad to make the pattern more clear.

  • Step5:In order to stick the hollow frame with the square gemotric pattern together. We need to stick the double adhesive tape to the rectangle frame advancely.

  • Step6:After adhering the above pattern together. We need to adhere it to the white cardstock paper.

  • Step7:We can colour it with marker pens.

  • Step8:Cut out word "Thank you" as the sentiment.There are differnt word dies you can choose from kokorosa studio.

The second project is a lovely box created with a foldable hexagon box die. Cutting dies can be used to create many amazing gift boxes. These can be used as gift boxes and storage boxes for your daily life.

  • Step1:Use the dies to cut out the patterns. We need to 6 frames because I need to crteate a hexagon box.

  • Step2:Fold the border according to the tacks.

  • Step3:Then we need to use stick the separate borders together with liquid glue. In order to stick firmly, you need to pay attention to the diffent foldable edge. You will get a snowflake after finish this step.

  • Step4:Use the gift ribbon to decorate your box. You can choose differnt cardstock paper and gift ribbons to make various boxes.

It's time to say goodbye now! Thanks for your reading! If you have any craft questions, please feel free to contact with us. If you have some good projects, welcome to share with us. You can leave your commets on the below. Finally, do not forget to subscribe us! You will get exclusive discount or gift.

Hope you have a good day! See you next time.

The video of link:

1.Foldable Hexagon Box

2.Square Geometry Border

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