Hello Everyone~

Today kokorosastudio will bring you a fantastic colorful butterfly.

To make this elegant butterfly requires the "Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Colourful 3D Butterfly" mold.

Firstly, I use the cutting dies and a handmade paper to die out the black butterfly. And then I clean the needless scraps of paper with a tool.

The second step, I prepare a laser background paper to cut the pattern along the butterfly.

Then I use the craft glue to paste the butterfly and laser paper pattern.

Next, folding the frame of the butterfly.

In addition, I use scrapbook & cardmaking paper and the cutting machine to cut a square.

The important step is to use a mini hot glue gun to paste both of them.

Finally, cutting a beautiful wrapping paper and put inside the butterfly to decorate it. The whole project is almost completed.

Other works:

Video of the production process:

Kokorosa 100 Sheets 160g A4 Color Printing Paper Diy Handmade Paper: https://bit.ly/3n132Fo

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Kokorosa 15/25/50/110ml Craft Glue: https://bit.ly/3qT9dN5

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