The cutting die I will talk about today is the element of magic. It’s a scroll with a feather beside it. This die has two different forms and I will introduce one of the making tutorials for you. Now, please follow me to get ready for great work.

I will use the “Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Scrolls” mold to make this project.

First of all, I use an aged scrapbook paper and cutting machine to die out the scroll. Then I impress the word on the scroll with the help of an acrylic stamp block and a clear stamp.

After that, I dye the edge of the scroll with the black ink pad and color-brushing sponge. This step is to make the scroll looks much more immemorial.

The next step is to die out a frame border with the black paper. I dye the frame with a brown ink pad. And I paste it in the middle of the border with double-sided film tape.

Then I stick some foam tapes behind the border and paste it on an English word scrapbook paper. Stick the scroll on the border and I draw the detail with a gel pen. I draw on the white feather and stick it beside the scroll.

I use a dull polish folded paper as the background of the project. The whole project is almost finished. And I will show you another type of scroll at the end of the blog.

I hope the making tutorial can help you understand how to work on the cutting die clearly. You can also do it with your imagination. Wish you have a nice day.

Other work:

Video of the production process:


Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Scrolls:

Kokorosa Mini Blue Practical Diy Tools Die Cutting Machine:

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