Making tutorial: Cutting Dies with Rose Rectangle Border

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Today I would like to recommend a "3D Rose Border" card. The "Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Rose Rectangle Border" mold was used to make this card.

First, use a kokorosastudio die-cutting machine to cut out the rose and the border.

I use red marker pen color the flower and green for the leaves. Then I die-cut out four black papers as the border.

Prepare four pieces of white cardstocks which smaller than the black pieces. Fold the black papers and then using the mini hot glue gun to put them together.

Using the long tool to curve the petals. Then, with the help of a mini hot glue gun, the various parts of the borders were pasted one by one. Put the rose on the border.

Paste a clear stamp to press out the words on the corner of the card, and the entire project is almost complete.

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Video of the production process:


Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Rose Rectangle Border:

Kokorosa Colorful Glitter Card Paper Handmade Paper Cardstock Paper:

Kokorosa Die Cutting DIY Craft Cutting Machine:

Kokorosa 30 Colors Marker Pen with Storage Bag:

Kokorosa Mini Hot Glue Gun 60W:

Kokorosa Hello Summer Word Clear Stamps:


  • Diane

    I am not able to put together the stand up rose and panel die combo. Could you please send email directions. I don’t know how it is glued together to get the center square even after watching the video in slow motion. Please help. Thank you.

  • JoEllen

    I was so excited to purchase this die, and it did not disappoint!!!! It took me a while to figure out the video demonstration on how to put it together. It would really be nice to have this in a step by step written instructions, but I finally did figure it out, and I love the end product. I will be adding my own little sentiments to some of the panels and will be giving this to my married children and their spouses for Valentines Day. I LOVE THIS DIE!!!! Thank you for having a die that is so beautiful!!

  • mary l linford

    beautiful will buy this die thank you

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