Hello Everyone~

Long time no see. Today is the making tutorial sharing day and I will show you a shining hollow heart. Please follow me to make such a beautiful project.

I will use the “Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Hollow Sweet Heart” mold to make the project.

In the first step, I die out the hollow heart with a white handmade paper and cutting machine. I color the edge of the heart with A pink ink pad. The lower part needs to be colored darker.

Secondly, cut a rectangle of paper and put it between the embossing folder, and die out the lace. And then I use the ink pad to dye the corners of the paper to make the lace clear.

Next, I put the hollow heart cutting die on the paper to die out the shape. After that, I put the hollow heart in the middle of the paper and stick some film tapes.

In the next step, I paste transparent plastic paper behind the white paper and stick some foam tapes on it.

I decorate the heart with red relief powder and fish scale paillette sequins. I cut a pink handmade paper and paste it on the foam tapes. You can also tie a pink rope on the hollow heart.

Finally, I stick a white folded paper as the background of the greeting card. The project is almost finished.

You can choose the decorations whatever you like. I am very glad to share the great works with you. That’s all the making tutorials today and hope you like it. Wish you have a nice day.

Other work:

Video of the production process:


Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Hollow Sweet Heart:

Kokorosa Double-sided Film Tape - 39 Feet:

Kokorosa Manual Knurling Machine Die Cutting Machine Tool Set:

Kokorosa Fish Scale Paillette Sequin For DIY Decoration:

Kokorosa Paper Art Supplies 20ML Colorful Relief Powder:

Kokorosa Symmetrical Decoration of Flowers Plastic Embossing Folder:

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