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The weather is getting colder, have you paid attention to keeping warm? When the weather gets colder, what I look forward to most is the snowy winter, because when winter comes, snowflakes are flying, so I can build a snowman. For me, my childhood in winter, I would go out to play in the snow with my friends, have snowball fights, and occasionally eat snow when I was naughty. Of course, it was essential to build a snowman. When I was a child, my family would also build a snowman with us, those days when it snowed heavily became the fondest memory of my childhood.So I don’t know if you also have such memories. Do you also jump in the snowflakes flying with your family and play snowball fights with your friends? If you have such a wonderful memory and you want to share with us, you can leave a comment to us under this blog. So what I want to share today is the snowman project, come and see how to make such a cute snowman greeting card.

First, take out the prepared die cutting machine and the Snowman Cutting Die that is skiing,you can see that this project not only has a cute snowman, but also includes hats, scarves, gloves, and skateboards on its body. If you want other decorations for the snowman, of course, you can also create as much as you want. Here, we also provide you with the Christmas Metal Cutting Dies Collection, which is the product of the kokorosa store, you can choose according to your own ideas.

Then we cut out the shape of the snowman and other accessories with a cutting machine and a snowman cutting die.

The next step is to color the snowman. Of course, you can choose the color of the snowman's hat, gloves, scarf, and skateboard to your liking. This is up to you. Even the snowman's emoji can be created by yourself. After painting the color, we need to glue the snowman together, so a standing snowman riding a skateboard is completed.

Next we will decorate the cardstock paper. In fact, as long as the cardstock paper is related to winter, it can be in harmony with the snowman. Here are two related cardstock paper for reference only: Merry Christmas DIY Scrapbook & Cardstock Paper, Christmas Scenry DIY Scrapbook & Cardstock Paper, or you can directly choose to share today with colored tape on a white cardboard, and then combine it with the cardstock paper with snowflakes. You can choose the cardstock paper with Christmas elements or snowflakes. Yes, as long as it is in harmony with your snowman.Next, attach the snowman on the skateboard to the cardstock paper you created, either in the middle or at a slight angle.

Finally, stick the cardstock paper you pasted with colored tape on the outermost layer, and then, the snowman card that is stepping on the snowboard is ready. By the way, if you want to show that this is a snowman at Christmas, you can also Choose the words with Merry Christmas, here is a Kokorosa Happy New Year and Merry Christmas Metal Cutting Dies. Well, the entire snowman production process is completed.

If you want to know more about Christmas Cutting Dies, or about winter cutting dies, you can subscribe our store to browse more cutting dies. If you want to know how to make a greeting card with dies and decorate it, you can also follow our YouTube channel, You can get more creative inspiration in these places. I'll share it here today, see you next time~

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