New Product: Wax Seal Stamp

More and more personalized stamps are now available for handbooks, wedding invitations, gifts, and more. We have also added many new Wax Seal Stamp stamps to our website. Many newcomers are very interested but don't know how to use them, so let's take a look at the usage and precautions of Wax Seal Stamp.

Method steps:

  1. Chapter head screwed on the handle, of course, you can also do without the handle.
  2. Prepare fire lacquer wax, you can use wax grains, wax strips, or wax sticks
  3. wax grains directly in the spoon heated until melted on, heating time too long will have bubbles, wax strips and wax rods can be melted directly, you can also use a knife to cut into small pieces, it is recommended to cut into small pieces, convenient!
  4. Melt the wax paste drop on the paper (envelope), try to drop round, so that the print will also be round.
  5. If the wax paste is too thin, you can wait for a little to let it cool down a little, and then stamp. Do not press hard, use its gravity to press down.
  6. Now just wait until the fire paint wax completely cooled and hardened you can pull the chapter!

Other ways to play:

  1. Different colors of wax particles mixed to print, you can play with a mix of colors ~
  2. Do you want to print the fire paint to take it down completely? Printed on: release paper (self-adhesive back of that smooth paper), and smooth glass, the mirror can be uncovered intact.
  3. Use the coloring pen to apply the printed fire paint wax to add color.
  4. Glue gun + wax stick, save time and effort ~ is not to mixed colors ~
  5. You can buy some dried flowers, and drops of wax paste, and open the print!

Afterward processing:

  1. How to clean the wax on the spoon?

To wipe off the wax while it is still hot and not hardened with a paper towel, be careful of hot hands.

  1. How to clean up the black under the spoon?

The longer you use it, the worse it is to wipe it with a paper towel, which is the same as the bottom of the pot.

  1. How to keep the seal?

It is best to keep it sealed, otherwise, the seal head will be oxidized and rusted. (Does not affect the use)


  1. Safety first! Open fire danger, and pay attention to safety!
  2. Try not to use your hands to press the chapter, as its weight can be.
  3. Must wait until the wax is completely cooled and dry before pulling the chapter, otherwise, the wax is easily stuck to the seal, so you have to slightly add 4.
  4. Wax is easy to stick to the chapter, then apply a little oil on the head of the chapter (what oil can), to help remove wax.

After reading my introduction, have you become interested in the Wax Seal Stamp, if interested, you can go to our kokorosa cutting dies home page to check out these new peripheral products on the shelves.

The next issue I will bring you is the introduction of the new products of Wax Seal Stamp on our website, please look forward to it.

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