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Easter is an important festival in the west. At the same time, the bunny is a symbol of Easter. Today we will bring you the easter words with the lovely bunny ears.

To make this lovely project requires the "Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Easter Words and Bunny Ear" .

Before we make the project, I use handmade paper and the cutting machine to die out the words and bunny ears.

Firstly, I prepare a finger sponge dauber and red ink pad to color them.

Then I put the colored ear part into the bunny ear.

In addition, put the double-sided foam tape on the back of the bunny ear.

Next, using the cutting paper machine and background paper to make the rough shape of the bunny. I need the craft glue to paste them together.

After that, cutting two round small circles to be the eyes of the bunny. I draw up the details with the gel pen.

I stick the words and bunny ear above and put the foam tape behind the bunny.

The most important step is to cut the orange and white papers to be the background of the project.

Finally, the whole project is almost completed.

Other works:

Video of the production process:

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