Preparing Birthday Gifts

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Spring is on its way now! Spring has the meaning of new birth. We love spring not only because of its warm temperature but also because we can get more hope from this season. Everyone’s birth is so meaningful because you bring more warmth and hope to your family and friends. Therefore, we love celebrating birthdays. However, what gifts we can prepare for them is a question for us. Why not try to prepare handmade cards as your gifts. I believe recipients can feel your sincere wishes. I will give you some inspiration about birthday dies. Let’s start now!

Firstly, we need to think about what essential elements you can add to your cards. I think that sweet cakes, multiple gift boxes, birthday candles, and some balloons are essential.The first project I recommend for you is created by Decorated Birthday Gift Die.

Step1: Choose different colors of cardstock paper. There are some gift ribbon patterns and boxes patterns included in this set. You can imagine what gift boxes you want to get.

Step2:Cut out the patterns with the cutting machine.

Step3:We need to stack the three boxes with double adhesive tape.

Step4:Adhere these gift ribbons to these cute boxes now.

Step5:Get different colors of gift ribbon by covering the same pattern.

Step6:Stick the lovely gift box into the other rectangle background paper. Then, don’t forget to add the sentiment to your cards, which lets recipients receive your wishes quickly. “Happy Birthday” is what we want to express.

Step7: I used pearl stickers to decorate the surroundings of gift boxes and words.

Step8:Cut out the extra paper with a paper cutting machine.

Step9:Choose one shiny line of cardstock paper to decorate the borders of the card. You will get various effects if you can math different patterns of paper together.

Next, I will show you some cutting dies which are super easy to use to help you create birthday gifts. The following Birthday Three-tier Cream Cake Background Board is easy to use, even though you are a beginner of crafting. We do not need to prepare other elements if we get this board because we have got a birthday cake with candles, one sentiment and some cute decorations. If you want to add other decorations, balloons will be a good choice as the following picture shows. In general, this cutting die will be easy for you to create a simple but wonderful birthday card. If you like it, then get it now!

Another cutting die I want to show you is the Birthday Party Decoration Die. This is a metal cutting die for decoration. It is a celebration party sets dies, including one gift box, two ballons, and a birthday hat. In addition, this cutting die can be used to celebrate any other themes, such as normal craft parties or celebrate graduation. Therefore, this metal cutting die will help you make exquisite and beautiful greeting cards, scrapbooks, and other handmade crafts.

Time flies so fast! It’s time to say goodbye. If you have any questions, please contact us by sending an email to our email. You can also leave your questions and email address below, and we will contact you. If you want to share your nice projects with us, you can also contact us at any time.

Thanks for your reading today! Hope you have a good day!

Tutorial of Decorated Birthday Gift

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