Projects: Get Inspiration From Life-Themed Cards

Hey, my dear crafty friends! How are you going these days? Today we are going to show you how to use food and plant dies to create lovely cards. To some exten, crafting will enrich our daily life. If you still haven't try to make cards by yourself, try it now! Today's cards are suitable for beginners and experts of crafting. Let's enjoy one creative crafting trip now!

What food that most people will like in summer? I believe ice cream maybe one of the foods that children will like. If you get the Yummy Ice Cream Die, you can create one colourful ice cream and ice pops. The crafter choose different colors when coloring ice cream and ice pops. The background is simple because the highlight part is colourful enough, so there is need to add more colors onto this card. We can paint colour using marker pens. We can also use the dot pattern card stock as the background of cards, which will be quicker. In addition, we can add the “way to sweet” as the sentiment of this card. In general, the whole project looks simple but full of energetic.

The next project is created using Chips and Tomato Sauce Die. This is a super valuable dies set you should get because there are different dies included in this set, such as mini hearts and stars, a box of chips, a bottle of sauce and one phrase die. You can get various dies with only one dies set! Let's look how our crafter make this card. The crafter add the chips and sauce pattern onto the circle pattern. And the background is wooden pattern. At the same time, she adds one sentiment.

We have seen some dies related to snack elements. Fruits are also one of popular dies among crafters. I am going to show you one card created with Avocado Die. The key steps of making this card is colouring the two avocados. The reason why I think crafting will make our daily life more interesting is we can create anything you want on your cards. We can create one lively avocado with eyes and mouth, which looks more cute as some characters we see from cartoons.

The following projects are created with plant dies. We need to use the Cactus Potted Plant Dies to make it. We can see it's a pot of cactus pattern, and one circle pattern used as background of the cactus. The bottom background of this card is brick pattern.

The second project is made with the Watering Pot and Ginkgo Leaf Die. The main color of this card is green, so we feel so comfortable when seeing this card because it is natural colour. In addition, the greatest part of this card is coloring. We can see different green in this card. The crafter use gradient green when coloring leaves. At the same time, the background of this card is light green with some dot pattern. In addition, the color of grass is dark green. What's more, the white layer is one essential part in this card.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us. We will help you solve your problems as soon as possible. We hope more friends will share nice projects with us. You may get surprising gifts!

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