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Hello~Crafty Friends

We received so many projects from some creative crafters. I can’t wait to share these fancy projects with you! You will see various borders in today’s blog. Let’s see how our crafters used these fancy borders to create amazing cards!

This project is created with Maple Leaf Border Die. This card suits the coming autumn season. The leaves pattern background and classical red maple leaf pattern create a beautiful autumn scene. The crafter added the floral border to the place of tht edge of the card. In addition, the cute fox decoration makes this card looks lovely. In general, the process of making this card is not complex. If it is your first time to make cards, it will suit you.

If you do not like leaves you can choose the Flower Long Lace Border Die. Our crafter used this die set to create a beautiful card as the following picture shows. I like this card because it looks delicate. Let’s see how this card was created. Firstly, she chose yellow and orange as the main colours of this card. At the same time, the white color decorated this card perfectly. That is why this card looks so comfortable. In addition, the main patterns she added to this card are flowers, leaves, and butterflies. These patterns are commonly uded when making cards. The border is an essential part because it makes the card look delicate.

The third project is created with Rectangle Lace Border. I recommend this cutting die to beginners because it is easy to use. The pattern of the border is floral, so crafters do not need to get confused with the design of the card. The crafter added a cute butterfly to decorate the angles of the card. A lovely black cat was added to the center of the card. We suggest you can collect different animals cutting dies because they can be used to decorate different scenes when making cards.

This project is created with the Flipped Book Cutting Die. You will get one opening book pattern border die. The crafter added the two cute owls to the card instead of adding other patterns to the card. You can add any animals that you like to the card, such as an elegant butterfly.

Have you get some new inspiration? If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us by email. We also welcome all of you are willing to share your nice projects with us.

Thanks for your reading! Have a nice day.    

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