Recommend:A good cutting die never goes out of fashion

In many past issues, I have told you a lot about our kokorosa brand. It includes the introduction of our brand and some of the peripheral products on our website. I believe that after so many videos, you have a preliminary understanding of our cutting die. So today we will return to our main line to start introducing today's new cutting die.

Cutting die's consumption concept

Many newcomers to the cutting die field subconsciously buy a lot of cutting dies when they are new to the cutting die field, and they are basically able to buy every new cutting die as soon as they are available on our website. As far as the company is concerned, I think we can make a lot of money, which is very good for our company. But for me personally, I think this is a waste of money. Very often we can't show a lot of elements on a card. And as a novice, often our design and creativity is limited, so we need to limit ourselves with a limited to force ourselves to improve aesthetics and creativity. This is why most poets have had a rough life. The creator is feeling limited in order to produce a creation.

Some examples

Take for example Kokorosa Heart Shape Flowers Birds Metal Cutting Dies, which is a very old cutting die. Recently our handicraft team took out this cutting die and redesigned some new cards with the materials we had on hand. I can first show you how this cutting die was made in the previous production, which is more brief and has less card elements. Then you can see how this cutting die looks like now, with much richer colors. If you don't have the conditions, you can try to use cardstocks to make such a background, or if you have the ability, you can try to finish coloring the background with paints or markers. We sometimes retry to use the previous cutting die to make the card, on the one hand, we are equivalent to use the controlled variable method, we control the cutting die, to test the level of your own greeting card making in the same cutting die, at different times. On the other hand, we can develop the potential of this cutting die with a more mature approach and a more creative design. I think this is the main reason why a good cutting die will never go out of fashion!

Some notes

For example, the above mentioned insiders, Kokorosa Mouse Balloon Metal Cutting Dies and Kokorosa 10 Arabic Numbers Metal Cutting Dies are both excellent cutting dies that we have recently recreated from our old products and put on the shelves again. Let's get back to the topic. With the understanding that each cutting die has potential for development, the question arises. If each cutting die will improve its own potential as we gain experience, then there is no need to buy a new arrival. This is what I said before about being limited. We have to always keep our volume in the limited, not in the tight. As technology increases, so does our cap, so always keep the heart of learning.

New shoots from old trees. This issue of the blog is to make everyone realize that although cutting die has seasonality, timeliness and consumption properties, we can definitely make some brand new ideas on these old cutting die if we use a developing vision to look at the old cutting die.

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