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Decorate your paper crafts with animal cutting dies

The animal dies are a popular way to embellish your scrapbooking pages and cards. The animal die cuts here at Kokorosa are easy to use, affordable, and available in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can choose the best one for your project and have fun with them! The possibilities are endless when it comes to using these little guys! Apart from using them as a nice embellishment on your project, these animal dies can also be used as part of the background design for your project. Animal dies make great gifts because they're so versatile--you can use them over and over again on different projects or give them as party favors at children's birthday parties.

Birds are one of the most commonly seen animals around us. They are mostly adorable animals and are perfect themes or elements for scrapbooking and cardmaking. Our Metal Cutting Dies With Row of Birds is perfect for your project. This metal cutting die is designed to cut out a row of lovely birds sitting next to each other on a branch. You can use it to show that you are having a great time with your friends or how much you miss them. We assure the finished product will be fantastic and beyond your expectation.

If what you want is a beautiful bird on its own. Then we will recommend you this Metal Cutting Dies with Bird. This metal cutting die features a beautiful bird with exquisite hollow pattern designs throughout the body and leaves around it as decoration. It will be a wonderful addition to your card making or scrapbooking. This cute bird die set is made of high-quality steel which ensures that it lasts for years to come and cuts out the shape as precise and sharp as the die is. You can use this bird cutting die in so many ways! We recommend you use them with our stamps or any other craft dies. 


Cats are very popular and lovely pets. Commonly, a person has more than one cat at home. They have a strong sense of community and love to be with other cats. This kind of behavior makes them very cute and interesting. Therefore, we have made this set of cat cutting die that is designed to make you feel like you are surrounded by a group of cats sitting in rows. The Metal Cutting Dies with A Row of Cats includes cats of different sizes in a row, and we recommend you color each of them differently with colors you like. You will find these die cuts very useful when making cards or scrapbook pages with a cute theme or style like this one!

We know that cute cats and kittens are the most popular pick for scrapbooking, but there are so many more options that can be used to create a special card or scrapbook page. Why not take a look at our Metal Cutting Dies With Long Striped Cats? The Long Striped Cats Metal Die Set is perfect for creating your unique greeting cards and scrapbook pages. This die set is made of metal. You can use it on different colors of cardstock or fabrics, and use it along with other embellishments such as ribbons or stickers to create a simple design or something more elaborate. It's easy to use with any paper crafting project because all you need to do is place the die on your chosen paper, fold down your stamp pad over the top of it, and then press down firmly onto your paper until you get the desired effect.

The animal dies are great for cutting intricate shapes out of paper, cardstock, and can be used in a variety of craft projects, such as masks or ornaments for the holidays. If you're new to the world of die cutting, we hope our recommendations has inspired you to try it out! It's so much fun and easy to do. If you have any questions about die cutting or our dies, please don't hesitate to reach out. We would love to hear from you!

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