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When I was a kid, apart from the bigger holidays I loved, the only ones I liked the most were Children's Day and April Fool's Day. I liked Children's Day because it was the only time I could get the most toys of the year. And the reason I like April Fool's Day is because it's the day we get to play tricks on other people with us. Growing up I didn't do much April Fools' Day because I didn't think it was really a very good thing to trick people. But the fun of April Fool's Day can still go on. So I thought I would design two cutting dies for April Fool's Day and I hope you will like them.

Origins of April Fool's Day

The origins of April Fools' Day may not be as familiar to you compared to others. I can start by giving you an introduction. April Fool's Day originated in France when the French Emperor Charles IX announced a national change in the calendar, with the New Year's event originally held on 1 April being brought forward to 1 January. The conservatives who were duped into coming to the event were called "April fools" or "fish on a hook". This partisan mockery grew in popularity in France and eventually became known as April Fool's Day. Not only did April Fool's Day become a popular holiday in France, but it also spread to England in the eighteenth century, and was later brought to the United States by early British settlers, and with the British colonial movement and immigration to the American continent, where it became a popular holiday in Europe and America.

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Quirky Font "April Fool's Day"

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Quirky Font "April Fool's Day" is an April Fool's Day cutting die that I designed recently, the main inspiration for this cutting die was the quirky feel of the design. I chose a spherical shape for the overall cutting die, and then used the shape of the letters themselves to decorate the eyes and tongue. As a word die this card is very lively and interesting, while as a celebration die it has more thematic text. So I think a cutting die like this is great, or at least it's practical. As long as there is no need to add anything else to the design of the cutting die for this festival, this cutting die alone would be great.

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with "April Fools" Word

The Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with "April Fools" Word was designed a few days ago to show off the cartoon feel, so the "o" in "fool" was replaced with a scare box. The "o" in "fool" was replaced with a scare box. Children are not usually likely to play big jokes or big tricks on each other, so a card like this will add to the friendship and fun of the children. We will be releasing more life dies for April Fool's Day, so look out for that too.

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