Recommend: Balance of daily life and holidays

For a student, it is easier to balance daily life and holidays because a lot of time is spent on holiday breaks every year. But for an adult, it's really hard to achieve a balance between daily life and holidays. Once the holidays come around, we hate to sleep through the whole thing, because work and daily life are already strenuous enough. This balance, of course, also ends up being a bit of inspiration in cutting the die.

Today I want to bring you some cutting die about daily life and holidays, and I hope that after I share these cutting die with you, I can also make my friends think about their own lives.

3D Love Gift Box Cutting Die

This is an amazing 3D cutting die, it is also a box cutting die, these two points alone make the 3D Love Gift Box cutting die a very useful cutting die, as well as a bookmark cutting die. Valentine's Day is not a holiday, but for most people, it is a very important holiday, we will surprise our loved ones on this day, so such a cutting die can be used to prepare a surprise.

"April Fools" Word Metal Cutting Die


Many people jokingly ask, "Do you know why Valentine's Day is followed by April Fools' Day and then Children's Day?" The answer is "Because first, it's Valentine's Day together, then it turns out to be a hoax, but then a child is born." Yes, the holiday after Valentine's Day is April Fool's Day. So today I bring you this "April Fools" Word Metal Cutting Die, a cutting die which is a word die, the main purpose of which is to visually put into words the theme we need to express. Generally, when making such a card, you can add some decorative cutting die around the text, so that the card can become richer.

Daisies Background Board Metal Cutting Die

life cutting die, hoping to pull you from the fast-paced life into the slow life. A big reason why we get tired is the effect of a fast-paced life. We are too late to see the scenery, too late to listen to the birds of prey sing. I bring you Daisies Background Board Metal Cutting Dies is a plant die. daisies can often bring hope, such a card does not require much thought in the design, adding some text die on it is enough to achieve a better visual effect.

Deluxe Cat Climbing Frame Metal Cutting Die

In addition to flowers and plants, small cats and dogs can also bring great relaxation to everyone. Cat die is our website's more popular product, but a cat alone is not enough, if the kitten with a huge luxury multi-layer cat climbing frame, it will look much better, so Deluxe Cat Climbing Frame Metal Cutting Die was therefore born. We hope that just like the kitten in this display card, we adults will also find our cat climbing frame in our adult life society. A place where we can stop to rest and look at the view.

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