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Paper Crafting is not only about what you have in the center of the paper but also has a lot to do with the decoration around it. That is to say, a beautiful border is significant to a nice papercraft. Creating beautiful borders is easier than ever with the right tools. Border dies are used to create a border around a card or scrapbook page. They can be used to create a border around a photo, or they can be used in conjunction with other dies to create an entire page. We carry a wide selection of border-cutting dies that will help you add some flair to your projects. These border dies are perfect for stamping, paper, and other crafts. Our metal cutting dies are all of superior quality. They will give you a nice outcome, a great cutting experience, and can be used for a long time!


The Metal Cutting Dies With Foldable Wave Background Board is a die-cutting tool that can help you create a foldable leaf-like shape die cut. You can use it to make a custom background for your paper crafts. The wave shape of the background board makes your card look more unique and elegant. It is a great tool for those who want to make greeting cards or invitations with their own hands.


The Metal Cutting Dies with Rotating Border Background Board is one of our best-selling and most unique shapes of die, and it has a special side for creating a border around your cutting. The pattern is a spiral pattern similar to a camera shutter, and each pattern has a border of the same shape. This means that you can cut out any shape you want in the middle (of course, the size of the shape will depend on how big your die is). You can cut out shapes from paper or fabric with this die. For example, if you're making a card and want to put a variety of different images on it but do not know how to divide the sections, you could use this die to easily make borders around each of your images. So this cutting die can be a great choice if you want to keep a record of different segments of your life or some tiny fragments of a trip or relationship.


This Floral Decoration Metal Cutting Dies cut is used to make a large area base floral pattern. And it’s compatible with most cutting machines. It can be used to make the background layer of cutting greeting cards or can use multiple patterns with other materials to make packaging boxes. This product pattern is useful for most kinds of festivals, you can add other element patterns on the background made with this cut die so that the crafts you make could look more rich in elements.

The Snowy Woods background board cutting die is a great addition to your paper crafting supplies. You can use it as a background or cut out the shapes and use them in your scrapbook pages. The outstanding feature of this cutting dies is that it consists of three different cutting dies, which are the three layers of the final die cut. You can use this multiple-layer die cut to create a Stereoscopic visual effect for the woodland as if you can walk into it. You can also use these die cuts separately for sure. Either way, this die is sure to add charm and character to any project.

Border-cutting dies are a great way to add some flair to your scrapbooking or cardmaking projects. They can be used with most die-cutting machines. If you have never tried designing borders with cutting dies, you can try it out with today’s recommendations. I assure you that you will be more than satisfied with them. If you need anything else for paper crafting, Kokorosa will always be here for you.

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