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In general, those who are new to cutting die crafting should give priority to using background dies, but as we become more familiar with cutting die making, it is difficult to be satisfied with the usual background dies. This is because one of the major drawbacks of the background is its fixed nature. Usually the background does not contain much of your own creativity and ideas, it is like a template that you can use if you like the look, but you can't change the elements of it. So what I want to introduce today is a step up from the background die, the border die or the frame dies.

Town Border Metal Cutting Die

This is a very creative cutting die, the Town Border Metal Cutting Die, which is suitable for the transition from a background die to a border die. We can see that this cutting die has a few elements and not too many. We can clearly see that with this cutting die, we need to create a cutting die that is related to the theme of the countryside, because the house is included in the border, but at the same time there is no other element than the house that occupies the border part, which means that the content of the landscape theme is left to your discretion. This means that you can use this cutting die as a refresher for newcomers. It has the subject matter of a background die and the creativity of a border die. Combine the two and you have a great looking cutting die.

Rectangular Foldable Border Metal Cutting Die

In my personal opinion, I think that this cutting die is more practical, but also more difficult, because it is a cutting die that is quite different from the ones we usually come across. If it was a normal cutting die we would only have to think about the art on the paper, but when using the Rectangular Foldable Border Metal Cutting Die, we have to think about how to design the elements of the card in a way that does not make the whole card look crowded or have too many elements. The cutting die is a great way to create a card that is not too crowded or has too many elements. So I would recommend this cutting die to those who have already had some experience in cutting die making to give it a try.

Seagulls Metal Cutting Die

The final cutting die is not really a border die, but rather an animal die, a bird die. this cutting die contains very many elements of seagulls, each in a different form and very cute. I wanted to introduce this card to you for two reasons. On the one hand, it just so happens that this new product is one of our new products and we have just updated this one, so I just want to share it with you. Oh, yes, I forgot to introduce our border die, Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Sea Wave Border, to all of you. If you like it, you should really check it out, it's a great match.

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  • Carmella J LeBlanc

    Love this die and the size is perfect. I mostly do slim cards that fit in a regular business envelope. Thanks for indicating the dimensions of the dies.

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