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Hello, Kokorosa's Crafty Friends

Winter is a time for animals to hibernate and for them to stock up for the winter. We, as humans, of course, have to stock up too. After all, there are so many cutting dies that can be used to create our cards. Our website recently ended the year with another batch of botanical & floral-themed cutting dies on the shelves. There is a famous saying in China that says: when winter is here, can spring be far behind? So for the winter season, we have put up a batch of flowers that represent spring. We hope that these flowers will be placed on cards that signify that we will survive the winter and finally welcome a vibrant, warm spring. Here I'm going to bring you a card with a more representative flower, Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Beautiful Hydrangea.

The hydrangea is a big, united family. The hydrangea is small, with only four petals. But it is never alone, for it is surrounded by twenty or thirty other companions, and the hydrangeas all open in clusters. Many small flowers come together to form a beautiful white hydrangea, and more hydrangeas come together to turn the whole tree into a larger and more beautiful white hydrangea. They are united and Tuan (tuán) holds them together into a ball, displaying an overall beauty The stamens of the hydrangea are unusual in their growth, consisting of dozens of small stamens growing from the outside inwards into a circular ring of stamens. The flowering is also special, with the outermost ring of flowers opening first, which at first glance appears to be a white butterfly surrounding the stamens, followed by a second layer of flowers, and then a third layer, layer by layer, until they all open out, at which point the hydrangea looks like a round white ball, which is beautiful from afar.

A hydrangea has several colors of flowers, yellow, pink, red, blue, purple, etc. A cluster of flowers also has at least two colors. They are always together, and no one can leave anyone else. When the storm comes, the rain pounds hard, the wind whistles, and many trees bend, but the hydrangea remains standing tall, like a soldier on guard. Press the variously shaped petals from the cutting die onto white paper and paint them in the color of your choice, then scrape the edges of the tweezers to create a curved effect. Glue a bit of clear stamp with a sponge and sweep it around. Then glue everything onto the card and a hydrangea card is complete! I hope the kokorosa brings you a touch of good cheer~

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Also, we have uploaded many tutorials on youtube and some great cutting dies works.

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