Recommend: Cards with environmental ideas

Recommend: Cards with environmental ideas

There is a lot of waste in our lives, and it can be said that we all have the potential to be wasteful in everything we do. But in the spirit of environmental protection, I think we should all take up the spirit of eliminating waste or using waste in everything we do in life. So it is with cutting die.

What is the concept of environmental protection?

If we are a beginner, then when we first start making cards we will be consuming a lot due to our lack of skill, including the consumption of cardstock and the waste of various colours of paint. (Because a beginner may try to make a card over and over again to make a better looking one, those that are eliminated are consumed.) If we become skilled, the process we make will become more and more complex and we will use more and more elements. We will go out and buy colourful and maybe even various patterns of cardstock, but we will have wastage when we cut, and over time this is actually more serious. So we at kokorosa take this into account when we develop our cutting dies and regularly create one or two of these cutting dies that can be used in a wasteful way, combining an environmentally friendly concept with a more attractive shape. In the following I will show you two cutting dies that differ in shape but are both environmentally friendly.

Kokorosa Cutting Dies with Diagonal Rectangular Grid Background Board

The Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Diagonal Rectangular Grid Background Board is a background die, and as a background die, the first thing we need to see is how it affects the final look of a card. As we can see, the cutting die's strength lies in its relatively even distribution of long, diagonal grids. With a card like this, you can take scraps of cardstock that you have left over from other card making projects and cut them into small pieces of paper, then all you have to do is stick the small pieces of paper into the cutting die and you have a great looking card. However, I personally think that when using this cutting die, we should try not to have too much difference in the colour of the cardstock, as too much difference in colour does not make a good visual impact in this cutting die, but rather a lack of co-ordination. Therefore, it is better to use the same colour as possible when using this cutting die.

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Mosaic Plaid Background Board

The Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Mosaic Plaid Background Board is a background die that is more suitable than the one above. Firstly, the mosaic design makes the cutting die more visually appealing to the user from the outset. So when filling it with cardboard or colours, we are not so limited in our choice of colours and can mix and match as much as we like in this cutting die. In this way, the cutting die meets the requirements of the general public in terms of environmental protection. When using the background die, the card can also be decorated with a word die that expresses the idea of the card on the top layer, and then the border of the card can be decorated.

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