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We've been doing a lot of new stuff here at kokorosa lately, and I don't think it's enough to share one theme every time I write a blog. So in today's blog I would like to introduce you to two different themes of cutting die, as my title suggests, the two themes I would like to share with you are cats and art.

Cartoon Cat Metal Cutting Die

I don't think I really need to go into too much detail about cat dies, as they are always more popular. After all, crafters are passionate about life, and people who are passionate about life don't like cute animals like cats. The first cutting die we are sharing with you today is the Cartoon Cat Metal Cutting Die, the overall style of this cutting die is quite cartoonish, so I think it will be more popular with children. The face of the cat can be modified and made in any way you like. With this cutting die, you can make many kittens that look the same, or each one with a different look. Overall, this is a very malleable cutting die.

Pentameter & Cat Metal Cutting Die

What happens when music and cats meet each other? The answer is a stressed out cat. We all know that cats are easily stressed, which is the main reason why we cannot walk them like we walk our dogs. Not all music is enjoyable for cats, and they can be frightened if it is too loud or at too high a decibel level. Like the Pentameter & Cat Metal Cutting Die we are sharing with you today, it is a cutting die that can be used in any situation with music and a frightened kitty.

Magic Geometry Background Board Metal Cutting Die

Symmetry is a highly sophisticated form of expression in all art. Symmetry gives us a strong and intuitive sense of visual impact. The most modern and intuitive of these is the symmetry of geometric patterns. So the background die I am sharing with you today, the Magic Geometry Background Board Metal Cutting Die, is of this type. I believe that when you see it, it reminds you of Dr. Strange in the MCU drawing magic formations.

3 Church Windows Metal Cutting Die

I'm sure we all know of a famous painter called Musha. He was the only one of the many famous artists who met with someone who succeeded in painting a stained glass picture, mostly on the glass windows of churches and so on. Naturally we were also attracted to this artistic expression, which is why we have created this 3 Church Windows Metal Cutting Die.

Cats are the art of nature, our art is the art of creation. Both are art in general, so how can we say that life and art are two different things when art itself can fill our lives. Let's find the art of living in the minutiae of life.

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