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For each holiday, people have specific festive elements to dress up the festive atmosphere. After Valentine's Day, spring will soon be upon us, and one of the bigger festivals in spring is Easter in early spring. I'm sure everyone knows where the name Easter comes from. But I'd like to ask you what the iconic element of Easter die is.

That's right, the Easter Bunny and eggs!

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Easter Potted Bunnies

I have a very interesting Easter bunny to show you today, Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Easter Potted Bunnies. It is a collection of 5 different shapes of cute cartoon style bunnies and in addition to these 5 bunnies we have 5 potted plants. I think the design of this potted plant is very interesting. The bunnies, as animals, are not normally associated with potted plants, but we have designed the bunnies together with the potted plants to show how cute they are. Who wouldn't love a cute bunny pulling in a potted plant? If you like bunnies like this, why not add one of these to your toolbox on our website and you will be sure to brighten up the day of your Easter card and those around you.

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Easter Eggs

The Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Easter Eggs is a cutting die that is similar to the card above, this cutting die also contains more elements, it contains four different patterns of eggs. We all know that the iconic element of Easter, the egg, is very colourful. And with this cutting die we have, we can show exactly the kind of real eggs we have in mind. So I think the cutting die I'm sharing today about eggs is also of the type that must go into your own craft box if you have a crowd that wants to try making Easter cards. If you want to try your hand at making them, I highly recommend you to choose one of the two cutting dies I have presented today and try it out for your own cards.

Other Celebration Elements

Today I have mainly detailed some elements of the Easter die for you. Then I can also show you some elements of other celebration die. In this blog I will not show the photos one by one in the blog, but I will still put the names of the corresponding cutting die in the text that follows. For example, for International Women's Day, we usually use the image of united women as a logo. For Christmas dies we will have Father Christmas and reindeer, and for Valentine's Day indies will have hearts or love bears. If you need to have these cutting dies you can try to have them and try to make your own card ideas.

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  • Francine

    Bonjour j ai acheté une machine a découpé le 27decembre et je ne l ai pas reçu encore je voudrais savoir si ça vas être long encore

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